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Mar. 15th, 2009


Spring Break

Things I have done so far this Spring Break:

- Ate a huge breakfast
- Slept 11 hours
- Pissed off my grandmother by not using a letter opener
- Pissed off Capitol One by scribbling "I'm a poor student, how do you sleep at night" all over some applications and mailing them back
- Read exactly two pages
- Wrote exactly one paragraph, then got tired and
- Watched Grey's Anatomy, Dollhouse, and 30 Rock
- Watched Hemmingway swim around in his bowl and hide under a shell.  Grandmother- Look, he moved.  Me- Oh, he's hiding again... poor guy.  Grandmother- If I just moved into this house, I'd hide too.
- Scared my grandmother by begging to  learn how to sew and
- Made my grandmother laugh when I told her I wanted to make all my Christmas gifts next year and last but not least,
- Watched my boyfriend fall asleep and wished I could be there.

Next year... Florida, maybe?

Mar. 12th, 2009


(no subject)

So this was pretty much the ONLY image I did not study because I figured it wouldn't be on my test.   Surprise!  It was.  And all I could come up with was "Battle of....?" and that they were bathing (although I wasn't really one hundred percent sure on that...). 

Whatever.  It's spring break!  Well, as of friday.  But I have no more major assignments/tests until after break and that's a pretty big relief.

I finally paid my deposit for my trip to rome and I was perusing the workbook that I have to complete before leaving.  It's silly and makes it sound like I won't have access to oh, THE INTERNET, where I can look up things such as where the US consulate is and what I should do if my passport gets stolen.  I also found out that the CDC doesn't recommend any unusual shots if you're going to Italy.  Except RABIEZZZZ if you're going to be coming in contact with "bats or other mammals".  What about dogs?  I guess I won't be petting any stray dogs.  Hopefully boyfriend does not have rabies.

I'm really tired, I think it's time to shut up.

Mar. 10th, 2009


(no subject)


Did you know that this painting is entitled "Mystic Nativity", it's by Botticelli and was painted in 1500? 

That's cool if you didn't, because I don't either and my test is in less than twenty hours.  I'm fairly sure there's no way I can bullshit my way out of this one.  So instead I procrastinated by taking a shower, cleaning the room, fidgeting with my notecards, checking facebook 83838024 million times, reading all the blogs I hadn't read this week, wondering what was on tv tonight, wondering what time my super happy arts and crafts meeting is, calculating how many credits I need to graduate and thinking up new ways to procrastinate.  Oh, and I did my hair a different way, since my roommate decided that she knows how to do my hair better than I do (sadly, she does).  And then I took pictures because that only adds to the procrastination.

Yeah, I'd like to see you try taking a picture of the back of your head.

Bun with a side part, though you can't really see the side part in the picture.  It helps to hide my ridiculously large forehead and makes me look pretty freaking diva.

God, can it just be spring break already?  I'm READY.  READY READY READY.  I'm even looking forward to writing my Bronzino paper!  And shopping for luggage!  Just please, please, no more school.

Also, while I'm flooding everyone with pictures, this picture will NEVER EVER EVER cease to amuse me.


Oh Mary, you are so diva.  Am I going to hell for this?

May. 7th, 2008


(no subject)

Last Friday, I ate my first ever crab.  Here are the the remnants- please note the wonderful crab lungs lying out on the top.  Yeck.  Overall, it was pretty darn tasty, but probably not worth all the effort that it took me to get such little meat out of the dumb thing.

May Madness is over and finals has begun.  God, I hate finals.  In every way, shape, and form.  I still haven't finished making my page of notes for my art final, which is in a couple of hours.  I woke up at eight this morning to help tutor this guy in my english class who has issues with coming to class and staying awake.  He seems like a nice guy and he was really grateful that I helped him out, so it was worth waking up for.  I think I should charge for tutoring and editing papers.. it'd be a nice way to make some money on the side.

I came to a pretty radical realization the other day.  Granted, I was a little tipsy at the time, but I think the basic idea is good.  I think it went something like this.

A: You know, that boy would totally ask you out, he's smitten with you.
Me: Yeah, I know.
A: So...?
Me: I don't think I want a relationship right now.  (cue light from the sky and holy music)
A: Really?
Me: Yeah.  It's like I'm at a buffet and there are so many tasty kinds of donuts.
A: Donuts....?
Me: Yes, donuts.  And I pick a donut that looks apple cinnamon flavored, but when I bite into it, it's really chocolate, and I hate chocolate. So I have to get up and go to the trashcan to throw it away, and while I'm busy doing that, other girls are eating all the good flavors of donuts.
A: ......
Me: Men are donuts.  And I want to take a bite out of every donut, then sit and contemplate for a while to see if they invent any new flavors, and then decide which donut is my favorite.

Only I could make a metaphor for love out of donuts.  REALLY.

And now I need to go finish my art history notes.

May. 2nd, 2008


(no subject)

Surveys under the cut, because I'm bored. :D

Apr. 19th, 2008


(no subject)

So I'm listening to 'The Luckiest' by Ben Folds right now.

And if that song doesn't make you cry, there is something wrong with you.  :)

(no subject)

Most of the time, things aren't as bad as you think they are.

The Hood campus is insanely beautiful right now.  It's ridiculous.  I walk outside and it's perfectly sunny, the trees are in bloom, little flower petals are falling down every time the wind blows.  But oh, it's kinda hot... like eighty degrees hot.  So that's why I'm still inside, sitting by my computer, instead of outside, working on my tan.

I'm going to Rutgers next year.  But I think it's the best move for me.  They really do have a good english program, and maybe I can study abroad, and honestly I just need new people to be around.  Particularly new guys.  This whole small school thing hasn't done anything good for my dating life (considering that I just did a rather mean thing to a guy who fucked me over and no, not literally).  I'm a little tired of going to the same parties and seeing the same people and being stalked by the same creepy guys.

And please don't interpret that to say that I don't care about my friends here.  I do.  They're the best.  The girl I was supposed to room with next semester? Awesome.  The girl who shows up at my door almost every night to gossip?  Equally as awesome.  And everyone else I don't have time to list... totally awesome.

But I think that if I'm going to think in terms of my long term happiness, Rutgers will be better.  I couldn't imagine myself dating anyone on this campus.  And I don't want to constantly answer the question "Hood... hood... uh, where is that again?".  When I was a senior in high school I could've never imagined myself at a huge state school, but more and more I know I need the social life and the academics that only a big school can provide.

So... enough of that depressing stuff.

I've got an art paper due monday and a little paper for law due tuesday.  Considering that I've done almost no work in the past two days, I think it's about time I got started on those things.

And oh, I'm going to the beach for six days this summer with some friends from college.  It's going to be pretty rad.  I really wanted to go with my friends from home since they've been talking about it and I promised I'd come, but nothing seems to have happened with that.  I could mayyyybe take two weeks off from work though and do both, but I bet my grandmother would flip out. 

I paid my deposit for Rutgers ($325) with my own money.  Thanks, mom.  I figured that even if I asked her for the money she wouldn't give it to me, or she would give it to me and just gripe about it.  So, to speed up the process and prevent any arguments (such as "Why don't you ever ask your father for money?") I just paid it myself.  And then when I told her about paying it and that yes, I was definitely going, her reaction was "Oh.  That's nice.  So, the other day, your father did xyz.."


That is all.

Feb. 13th, 2008



This is the view out the emergency exit right next to my dorm room. And yes, that is all ice.  It's raining as well.

And then I got a text from my roommate saying classes are canceled today. HUZZAH! I was so happy. Actually, I still AM happy. Since it's Wednesday I'm supposed to have four classes, one of which I didn't do the homework for, and now all I have to do today is sit on my butt and maybe catch up on some work.

This is also good because I've got really bad cramps right now and the painkillers aren't really working too well. But it doesn't matter, because if I want I can sit in bed all day.  :D

I kind of want to go outside and take some pictures for the school paper, but it's super cold and gross outside so I'd rather not.

Yesterday all classes after one were canceled due to snow, which was also exciting. Instead of taking a nap, however, I decided to go and help one of my roommate's friends move across campus because she had a fight with her roommate. It took six of us THREE hours- no lie- and three trips with the car packed full of stuff. I hauled stuff down two flights of stairs in her old dorm, then up one flight to her new room. She has promised to make me and everyone else cookies though, and I could always use another friend.

I also met the guy that my roommate's bf  wants to set me up with. He is kind of cute. But I also found out that he was also trying to set him up with D, who declined because she said that he probably wouldn't like the fact that she's a feminist.  Well, that certainly means he's going to have a hell of a time with me. I promise not to be too evil, but I do have a habit of spouting extreme feminist ideas (Such as that I despise men, my future boyfriend is pretty much going to be my bitch, and I think that my college should have stayed an all girls school because it was better that way) just to scare off a guy I don't like. It works too, and it makes me feel happy that I always have that get out of jail free card just by taking my beliefs about gender roles and blowing them out of proportion. :)

Well, I'm going back to sleep, because that's just what I do on a snow day.  XD

Feb. 10th, 2008


(no subject)

So I have happy things to write about and then a few not so happy things.  Yes, it's been a while since I've written in here.  I think I need to get around to doing it more often.

Happy Things!

1. I love my classes.  Even my english class, which is supposed to be hard as hell.  Even my latin class, because though I despise latin the professor thinks I'm pretty awesome. :D

2. I've got a minor!  Or, at least, I probably will be having a minor... well, I've DECIDED on a minor.  Art History.  Huzzah!  Betcha didn't see that one coming.

3. My friends Annie and Dieter broke up.  This is good, because they should have broken up a while ago.  It was just getting long and drawn out and unpleasant for everyone involved.  Two weeks after they broken up Annie started dating Hong, my asian friend who is so adorable.  Plus, he's an excellent dancer (and by dancing, I don't mean grinding, I mean salsa, chacha, and other spanishesque dances that I can't spell XD).  They're so cute together.

4. My roommate also has a boyfriend now.  He's pretty awesome.  :) He made her a dreamcatcher for her birthday (at least, I think that's why he made it for her.. maybe he did it just for the hell of it?) and I was all AW.  I think he really cares about her and that makes me happy.  Even if he does kidnap her all the time. XD

5. I had a pretty good time at the winter formal last night.  I think I looked amazing, since I was wearing my contacts and I actually bothered putting on makeup.  As per usual, the boys there were not the greatest, but I did get to see a lot of people I've been too busy to see lately. 

6. The birthday party that I threw for my roommate yesterday was a complete success.  Sixteen  people showed up, we ate through all the ice cream except some of the chocolate, and I think everyone had a really good time.  I felt really proud of myself because I used to think I was pretty crappy at hosting parties.

7. My roommate's new boyfriend wants to hook me up with one of his friends.  No comment. :D I mean, sure, I've been single for ages, and now all my friends at college are suddenly getting boyfriends, but I don't think I'm half as bothered by this as I used to be.  Eventually being picky will pay off for me.  And hell, I'm not even that picky.  I have just five requirements.  JUST FIVE, and I'm willing to waive the appearence related ones for a really great guy.

- BE SANE.  This means no stalking, no obsessive calling/texting/IMing.  This also means being free of serious mental illness (I'm talking schizophrenia, bipolar, any major personality disorder).
- Not just want to get in my pants.  That will come in time.  I'm not opposed to sex, I'm just opposed to sex with people I hardly know.
- Be taller than me OR at least the same height. 
- Be mature and intellectual.  I don't care if you're a bio major or a poli sci major or heck, even an art major (that would actually be kinda hot).  Just.. be in college.  Even community college.  Or have some kind of life plan that would eventually lead to a decent job.  Being mature entails not doing stupid shit like being a klepto or getting trashed every weekend and then being in denial about your alchoholism.  It also means being done with just fucking around with girls.
- Be independent.  If you cling to me, I will push you away. 

Simple, hm?  Oh, I know.  I ask for so little. XD

Not so happy things

1. 18 CREDITS IS DEATH.  I'm in class all the freaking time and my desk calender is filled with paper due dates, tests, and club meetings. :( I would want to drop a class but I'm a credit whore. 

2. I seesaw back and forth between going to Rutgers next year and staying at Hood.  Rutgers would mean more opportunity, but the people I've met here are just so amazing.  I don't want to have to go through being assigned a roommate that I don't get along with and having to make new friends.  Regardless, I feel like my parents will make me go to Rutgers just because it's cheaper.

3. My dad has been sending me harassing emails for the past couple weeks and my mom's lawyer hasn't done SHIT about it.

4. Heath Ledger died.  :( 'Nuff said.

5. I think I've lost weight.  Boo.  Eating is just so hard and un-fun lately, probably because the dining hall food sucks and on certain days of the week I don't have time for lunch and never get up in time for breakfast. 

Okay, that's it.  I swear I'll start updating this thing more often now. :)

Dec. 4th, 2007


(no subject)

My room is either very hot or very cold.  I think my roommate and I need to figure out how to work the heating unit controller thingy.

I also think I need to study for finals.

Will I?

Nope. :D

And my ballet final is tomorrow... I choreographed a minute of it, and the last ten seconds, so the forty seconds inbetween will be complete improvisation/bullshit.  Yay.

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